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The NWS and NOAA radio should be your only source for official weather. The internet links can be delayed, the model info can be flat out wrong and the actual weather can differ because of the terrain's altitude or in case of low level cold air, icy roads can become a nightmare from one town to another. Our goal here is just to offer the best links to weather that are free for those who follow the weather.
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A regional loop from WSI.
Local Rhinebeck Live Weather
An excellent local page for weather.
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A Free Meteorology Workstation
For those who want more, check out this site and sign up for an account.
Computer Models
We use this site among other each day to get an idea of what's on the way.
Bufkit Data - Technical
Go deeper into the computer models!
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Storm Track HPC
4 day storm track USA
NWS Forecast Rhinebeck
The only official word on the weather.
Get the very latest when the models update.
The Famous E-Wall
This is one of those sites from day 1. Everything you need is here.
NASA Satellite Imagery
Create the animation or still imagery you want. Visit this long running excellent page.
We like this fairly new site, give it a try.
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This site was one of the first good sites for the NE in the '90s
Weather Underground
This site has some hidden gems like the Euro under Wundermap
Hudson Valley Weather
Join the Hudson Valley Weather Forum. Large group of followers with up to date weather information.
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Another oldie but goodie! Track weather model information down to your Latitude/Longitude
IPS MeteoStar
This site has some excellent information for any weather enthusiast . This loop is the water vapor animation of the globe.
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World Weather Online
Find information of past weather, next 15 day weather, weather text summary, monthly averages and many more to prepare yourself for an outdoor activity or a holiday or your travel to Rhinebeck, United States Of America. Information provided by World Weather Online
Stacks Image 294 GFS SNOWFALL
This site is worthy of a donation for sure. Ryan Maue PhD in Meteorology has a new domain, his site has been one of my fav's over the last year. Tons of great graphics and animations. Check out the GFS USA SNOWFALL animation. Our side tab of the 850mb temps is also from the Policlimate website.
One of the best sites out there for weather model graphics hands down!
A World Of Weather Info
This link shows the 2m temperatures forecasted by the JMA (Japan Model) for North America, but this site has tons of info. I think you will like it!
Next Generation Weather Lab
Lots of good info here, I always used to to refer back to previous forecasts, but everything is covered here.
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Rhinebeck.Info was once known for it's live weather and live video cams, is now brining you some of the best free weather links on the net. We are not meteorologists and do only recommend the NWS for the only official word on the weather. That said, there is a great network of social media weather information out there and we will bring that to this page and acknowledge some fantastic work being done for the Mid and Lower Hudson Valley. As most following the weather, the Rhinebeck area as well as many local areas into Southern Columbia county as well as Eastern Ulster and NW CT and SW MA. know we are left in a zone with really no "reporting station". That along with typical cold air damning that often fingers itself from the northeast east down into our area in Northern Dutchess, or the areas in Kingston, Saugerties that sometimes end up being in the "shadow" of the Catskills, our weather is unique with the swings in elevation that 1 degree is crucial. Often our area, even south to Poughkeepsie and both sides of the Hudson are left out of main stream news for events that are unfolding. We will be adding to our new weather pages links to social media groups that have turned into an army of people helping people. Look for our page to be updated this week.
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- This is one of the best pages set up to view animated models and comparisons. Check it out. If your a weather junkie you will use this page often !
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