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2.22.18  News: Facebook fan/business videos headers. Example,

Welcome to our site and be sure to visit our home page at Jiggsy Multimedia. We have recently added a second CMS option and shopping cart. The cart is for small businesses that want to make available a few products or services online. We don't recommend shopping carts for new businesses or businesses that have not sold online before. It's really for niche items and established online businesses that have sold that way in the past.

Thanks for visiting our site, even tho each design will have special needs, we like to just show you our generic pricing to get a feel of what we offer and what we charge. There are no hidden fees, we are a year-round service. We do not offer one and done web designs, we provide the hosting, promotion on our feeds, as well as 5 hours of maintenance or basic CMS to make your own changes.

Plans and Pricing

Coming in early March

Design Pro - 4 responsive pages, hosting set up and managed for the year, custom log in password lock and basic custom CMS  or 5 hours maintenance for the year. -$499 yr BTW during the course of the year we promote your business on our social media feeds at no cost and also throw in some custom graphics and videos from time to time highlighting events locally and your business. Shop around first....then we will talk to you.

Ultimate Bundle - Same as Design Pro, plus monthly 1 custom graphic or virtual cover, 1 custom logo stinger or mock-up video to promote on your social feeds and we do it as well on ours for you year-round. - $1199 yr. includes 12 custom logo stingers, short video ads and graphics during the year. Awesome offer and insane value!

Design Pro Bundle - Same as Design Pro plus 6 custom graphics and 6 logo stinger or mock-up video. Might also add kinetic, slideshow, voice overs videos under 20 seconds on all bundles. - $899yr. Highly recommend this bundle because it's all about social media promotion!

"Just Graphic and Videos" -  $75hr. maintenance rates.

Every Day Specials - 3 pack of custom graphics / virtual covers - $129   - 3 pack logo stinger / mock-up videos $199 has been building web sites in the Hudson Valley since 2001. We were located in Rhinebeck NY for 14 years. Our new home base is in Fort Lauderdale FL. but visit Rhinebeck 2-3 times a year! We continue to have clients to this day from our startup year in the Hudson Valley.

Clients know it's all about social media, custom graphics and catchy videos. That's what we provide here. You will hear terms like "virtual covers" - they are 3D designs that incorporate your logo - "logo stinger videos" - another popular way to give your tired logo or you may want to have a custom graphic for an event or sale to pop in a video. Mock-up graphics and "live scene mock-up videos" also a great option to get noticed.

Let's think Spring training with a baseball jersey!

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Custom label for virtual cover of the cans.  A virtual cover such as bottles and cans that may represent your business is an excellent image tool to promote something new.
Custom CMS setup for your Jiggsy Multimedia Web Design

Look for a slew of new examples in early February '18. Virtual covers are a top notch attention grabber for your social media feeds. We also create resolutions to billboard size for your offsite promotions.

Put your message or logo on many different 3D shapes, we custom edit 3D glass and metal, plastics etc. These virtual covers are for online promotion as well as offsite print media. Why not stand out with your message in an eye popping way. Join our web design services, get discount bundled pricing. You need to have a always changing set of graphics and video to promote on social media these days.

Energy drink

Virtual covers can be give your logo or message a big shot in the arm, many different shapes (3D files) to fit your business. Working with glass and high resolution versions of this image shows the detail of the glass plus parts of the graphic etched into the glass. We took the basic sketch of the bottle then created the thickness and transparency of the glass and color, then added the graphic to bump out onto the glass to really make it custom and part of the label. We normally like to put multiple views of the 3D shape in diferent positions or two seperate shapes on one image!


January 2018

Quick mock-ups with your logo works well in your social media daily promotions. Jiggsy Multimedia offers bundle packages for our web design clients and specials for those who just want 6-12 pack of graphics and video stingers.


Rhinebeck web design will go in more depth with our graphics and video services with examples going into the busy holiday season. You never know what image can go locally viral in your community, or at very least say "hey cool image" promoting your product.


Join our network in 2018 

Located now in Fort Lauderdale Florida, clients in the Hudson Valley, Rhinebeck NY.

Quality and value, year-round support at Rhinebeck Web Design | Villageof


Plans available with or without bundles of custom graphics and videos.

Our services are with you all year-round. We promote your business links and create logo/custom graphics & stinger videos with all our yearly plans.

Jiggsy Multimedia has always taken pride going the extra mile with our clients throughout the year.

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Logo stingers and mock-up along with live scene mock-up can catapult your website, message, new product, local events, sponsors, etc. Today's small business must promote daily on social media, and have fresh imagery and videos to stay ahead of everyone else in your space, we can fill that for you!  Our upcoming Ultimate bundle will give you an option for year-round service in the graphics and video department!

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We ask you to shop around, if your a small business that is not looking for all the bells and whistles or frankly "stuff" you will never use or need for your local shop, we may be the alternative to paying thousands and I mean thousands for your business web site. Please shop around then come to us and tell us what your looking for, we are an easy going , shake your hand business. We started small town, and still have clients from our start in Rhinebeck NY and several states since then. Now in Fort Lauderdale offering the same home cooking! Tell us what your looking for, we will give examples and also important social media options you should focus on.

Our payment options Questions & comments please send us an E-mail.

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